The MALO  story: All-Day-Active with a mission

September, 2019: MALO (pronounced 'mah-lo') republic is born.

As professional triathletes, we (Beth and Luke McKenzie) cut our teeth in the endurance apparel industry by developing triathlon & cycling brand, WYN republic. The experience and success of that first brand inspired us to create MALO republic- an active wear company that aspires to reach a broader audience than the niche-y triathlon market, and embrace a variety of sports and active pursuits.

As well as promoting a truly all-day-active lifestyle, we also wanted to prioritize giving back to the community, in particular, to encourage kids and teens to be active and play more sports. The MALO republic brand mission is focused on ‘Making Active Little Ones’ and our Buy One | Give One program aims to achieve this. Click here to read more


The brands are named for our daughters, Marlo & Wynne, who have inspired us to promote active and intentional living now and for generations to come. We dropped the "r" from Marlo's name as a nod to the brand's Australian heritage - because how do Aussies pronounce 'Marlo'? It's MAH-LO, mate! 

As the sister brand to WYN republic, MALO shares the republic brand 'flag': The California bear & Southern Cross constellation is an icon of shared heritage and inspiration. With roots in Noosa, Australia & Southern California, USA, our brands are always surf and sun inspired with a focus on living life outside. We hope you share our passion for salty days and sunny ways.