5 Ways to Find Comfort through Movement at Home

by Katie Riley

It’s easy to think, now that we are being asked to spend more time at home, “how am I going to work out, now that I can’t go to my gym?” or “where do I even begin to work out at home?” As a person who loves working out at home, this is my forté. It can be fun, efficient, and personalized. As a certified personal trainer, I have spent over 5 years training people in their homes and this is what I’ve learned: 

You do not need machines or crazy gym equipment to get in a good workout and reach your goals. You do need to create a little dedicated space in your home, garage, or backyard for movement, so you know exactly where to go when it’s time to workout. A small basket or shelf to keep your home workout equipment will help you stay organized and prepared. Once your home training space is organized, you’ll feel empowered to begin a movement routine.

Here are some tips for you on how to find comfort through movement during this challenging time. 

1. Find a strength training program to follow - whether it’s free or paid - whatever your budget allows, but this will leave you feeling structured at home vs. lost. It will give you a schedule and tell you exactly what to do and on what days. Programs vary in instructor personality, pacing, and intensity - find one that speaks to you. I personally do ‘Madeline Moves’, but I also love Tone It Up. If you already follow one, please share which one you follow with us below

2. Housework - maybe this is a time for us all to channel our inner Marie Kondo. Having a clean and organized house can decrease feelings of chaos and anxiety. It is also a great way to move your body - whether it is cleaning or organizing, you’ll be surprised at the number of steps you can get and the sweat you can build doing housework. 

3. Yoga - Whether it’s 6min (like my daily routine) or 60min - yoga can calm the mind, body, and soul, and ground you in a time of stress. Light a candle, dim the lights, turn on some peaceful music and flow. Yoga apps & youtube videos abound, so just ‘search’ and see what catches your eye. 

4. Stretching - Are you one of those people who always say they are going to stretch and then never makes the time? Stretching is a stress reliever and can help the body relax. There is no better time than now to add stretching into your daily routine.

5. Foam Rolling - Seeing your massage therapist is not always an option, especially now.  As an alternative, foam rolling is an excellent self-massage technique. Myofascial release through foam rolling is a great way to relieve tension and built-up stress within the muscles and joints. Try adding a short foam rolling session during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show or as a way to unwind before bed. 

How are you finding comfort through movement at home? Share what you are doing below in the comments and help inspire others in the community.

Katie is the WYN republic USA director of operations/marketing, a certified personal trainer, 5x Ironman finisher, and 17x 70.3 finisher.

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